Eight years in the Eastern Afromontane: a conservation milestone

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) programme in the Eastern Afromontane biodiversity hotspot ended on 31 March 2020. We look back at some of the highlights of this p

Fri, 03 Jul 2020 10:00:00 +0100

Fish Tales – Episode 5: Hasan from Izmir

"My name is Hasan. I live in Izmir, Turkey. I’m 49 years old and I've been a fisherman for over 35 years.”   Being a fisher. Caring for nature.   Fishing is m

Wed, 01 Jul 2020 09:20:20 +0100

Wetlands ablaze: oil well leak causes major environmental incident in Assam

A major gas leak and blowout at the Baghjan oil field, in the north-eastern Indian state of Assam, has severely damaged the nearby wetlands of Maguri-Motapung and polluted the t

Tue, 30 Jun 2020 12:30:43 +0100

World Albatross Day 2020 - In case you missed it

You may have seen us mention that it was the FIRST EVER WORLD ALBATROSS DAY on the 19

Mon, 29 Jun 2020 10:25:36 +0100

How Kenya is healing toxic relationship between vultures and people

With their hunched posture, bald heads and their use in cartoons to represent opportunistic greed, vultures are arguably the most misunderstood scavengers. Humans have long cons

Tue, 23 Jun 2020 00:51:09 +0100

Science isn’t negotiable: Environment MEPs break off CAP negotiations with COMAGRI

It’s over. The gulf was just too wide. On 10 June, the MEPs from the Environment Committee (COMENVI) broke off negotiations with their counterparts in the Agriculture Committe

Fri, 19 Jun 2020 14:48:42 +0100

Why we’re celebrating the first ever World Albatross Day

Today, BirdLife is delighted to be part of the first ever World Albatross Day. But why is it so important that we raise awareness of this group of birds? Find out what makes the

Fri, 19 Jun 2020 12:51:09 +0100

Victory: destructive Biscarrués dam will not be built

After a legal battle spanning nearly three decades, the Spanish supreme court has finally prohibited the construction of the destructive Biscarrués dam and reservoir.

Fri, 19 Jun 2020 07:00:00 +0100

Plan of action for Prespa Trout now in the pipeline

Thanks to a grant from Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust and Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, conservationists in North Macedonia can begin working on a plan to save the Endangered

Thu, 18 Jun 2020 11:11:38 +0100

Save the Mountains: the uphill battle to protect Šar and Osogovo

Have you ever caught a glimpse of a chamois dashing through the snowy mugo pine trees of the Šar mountains? Have you tasted the wild strawberries that grow in the foothills of

Thu, 18 Jun 2020 09:53:54 +0100