Integrating Livelihoods and Conservation: People Partner with Nature for Sustainable Living (2018-2021)

Supported By: Norwegian Ornithological Society (NOF) in conjunction with Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN) is implementing a 2 year project in 3 Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) of Nepal. The co-operation between NOF and BCN is based on our mutual dedication and commitment to conserving birds, their habitats and biodiversity, and working with people towards sustainability in the utilisation of natural resources.

Goal:The main project goal is to obtain sustainable livelihoods for rural communities and conservation of biodiversity at three of Nepal’s Important Bird Areas through enhanced action, increased awareness, effective partnerships, and regional and international networking.

The focal sites:This project will focus on 3 IBAs within the Mid- and Far-western Development Regions of Nepal, linking conservation to the development of natural-resource-based sustainable livelihoods in the area. It will also address IBA conservation nationally, through networking, capacity development and monitoring. Two of the focus IBAs lie in the Terai (Ghodaghodi Lake Area and Bardia National Park) and one lies in the mountains (Rara National Park). The three project sites are inhabited by diverse ethnic and religious communities including Tharus, Muslims, Chettris, Brahmins, Rai, Magars and so-called Dalits (untouchable) casts.

The project has three interrelated objectives:

General Objective 1:

To empower Local Conservation Groups (LCGs) [such as, Community-based Organisations (CBOs), Community Forests Users’ Groups (CFUGs), Buffer Zone Councils (BZCs) and indigenous communities for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

General Objective 2:

To establish a simple system of biodiversity and ecosystem monitoring at IBAs in order to have up-to-date information on the condition of the sites, the pressures on them, the actions in place (including through community involvement), and use results to advocate priority actions.

General Objective 3:

To support the development of sustainable, climate-resilient livelihoods through (for example) bird-watching tourism, and promotion of Non-timber Forests Product-based (NTFP) and green enterprises.

Project Period: January 2013-December 2014    

Funder: Norad