Integrating Livelihoods and Conservation: People Partner with Nature for Sustainable Living (2018-2021)

ICIMOD funded project “Support to Rural Livelihoods and Climate Change Adaptation in the Himalayas Project” is being currently implemented by Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN) at Rauta Village Development Committee (VDC), Udayapur District of eastern Nepal. Nawaprabhat Nepal (NP Nepal) is associated as local partner for this project.

Main objectives of this project is

  1. to access the significances and values of ecosystem services and
  2. to demonstrate proven solutions for improved ecosystem management through collaborative research on ecosystem based alternative livelihood options.

Output 1. An ecosystem services analytical report comprising the deliverables


  1. Finalise research design and timeline based on the reconnaissance visit and community consultation.
  2. Prepare draft technical report on state and dynamics of dominant ecosystems including their values (ecological, economic, social and cultural) through specified tools and community consultations.
  3. Finalise the technical reports based on the assessment (as indicated in 1 and 2 above) and expert’s consultation.
  4. Ensure mainstreaming of the learning into planning and development strategies of Government of Nepal

Output 2. Proven solutions for improved ecosystem management through collaborative research on various ecosystem based alternative livelihood options


  1. Prepare a detailed implementation plan on action research based on the reconnaissance visit.
  2. Raise awareness on the potentialities of ecosystem management through restoration, value chain and medicinal plants based entrepreneurships.
  3. Promote high value products like medicinal aromatic plants (MAPs) developing value chain and domestication.
  4. Rehabilitate the degraded forest through bioengineering.
  5. Promote alternative options to minimise pressure on forest through agroforestry and sustainable management of resources such as firewood, fodder and timber.
  6. Promote kitchen gardens as alternative sources of income in pilot basis.

Project period: Three years (January 2014- December 2016)

Project Area - Rauta Village Development Committee lies in Udayapur District in the Sagarmatha Zone of south-eastern Nepal. It has population of 4804 people living in 861 individual households (Nepal Census 2001).

Project partners - Nawaprabhat Nepal (local)