Chhimeki Chara

The aim of the Chhimeki Chara campaign is to make more people watch and value birds, and the first events were the launch of the Chhimeki Chara app and the very first National Neighbourhood Bird Count of 18-21 February 2022. People from across the country used the app to count birds in their neighbourhood all at the same time and you now can see the results for the different participating districts and the different birds on these webpages.

Participation was more important than the accuracy of the results, so the majority of results have been accepted, even though the high number of beginners meant that errors were unavoidable. Only very few problematic records and lists were excluded from the results. Still, the overall result of this very first count has been more insightful and surprising than expected. For discussion of the results, one is referred to the Chhimeki Chara facebook group.

Note: Counts before and after the 18-21st weekend included 100 extra users and ten more districts (with verifiable GPS coordinates), but have not (yet) been included here.

For this figure, all the counts for a bird from all the users have been added up, and been divided by the total for all the birds seen in that district.

If five users in a district submitted at least one list during 18-21 February, and three of the five reported House Crows, the percentage of users that have seen a House Crow would be 60% (3 out of 5).