Technical Seminar At Nawalparasi
Technical Seminar At Nawalparasi
23 Jun 2009

A technical seminar entitled on "Vulture initiatives: Achievements and issues; Role of veterinary professionals in vulture conservation" was organised by Jatayu Restaurant, Nawalparasi with support from BCN. The programme was dated on June 23, 2009 at seminar hall of Himalayan Community Development Forum.

Tulsi Subedi/BCN delivered the summary of vulture issues at Nepal along with description of vultures found in Nepal.
Dr. Surya Paudel/BCN addressed the drug issues related to vulture decline and appealed veterinary practitioners to stop the illicit use of Diclofenac which is a banned product.

D.R. Subedi, Chief Guest of this programme expressed his optimism to see the vulture population like it was before with support from vet technicians. Similarly D. B. Chaudhary who was the chairperson of the programme narrated the success story of the Jatayu Restaurant.

"Of course we had been using Diclofenac for veterinary practice, but today we have realized our pivotal role for vulture conservation. So we have a group commitment that we will never sell or use this drug from today onwards", Dhruba Raj Pandey from Pandey agrovet looked very serious in his words. Veterinary practiceners from east Nawalparasi declared themselves their area as a Diclofenac free zone following the technical seminar at Kawasoti on June 23, 2009. We also encourage and appreciate their sensible and cooperative efforts for vulture conservation.