Exclusive Charity Dinner & Screening
Exclusive Charity Dinner & Screening
11 Aug 2017

With an aim to raise fund to support efforts to keep common birds “Common”, BCN hosted “Exclusive Charity Dinner & Screening” on 11 August 2017 at Cine De Chef, CTC Mall, Sundhara. The event was attended by people from different corporations, conservation organizations & BCN members.

At the “Exclusive Charity Dinner & Screening”, participants watched a critically acclaimed documentary on climate change “Before the Flood” produced by Leonardo Decaprio and directed by Fisher Stevens. Participants then enjoyed the dinner as well.

The event was designed to help people from all walk of lives come together, learn and contribute for the conservation of birds, biodiversity and nature. While major attention and efforts are gone to critically endangered species, our very common birds that we are so accustomed seeing around are now in grave danger. The raised fund will be used in BCN’s different activities to raise awareness of common birds to the people of urban areas.