Two days' trainings on
Two days' trainings on "Monitoring of population and threats to threatened birds of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve"
11 Nov 2022

Bird Conservation Nepal carried out two days' trainings to field based staffs of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve and field based representatives from buffer zone user groups and local conservation groups on 7 and 8 November, 2022. The objective of the training program was to equip the participants of the training program with bird identification skills, information on current bird conservation threats and identifying threats to threatened birds of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. 45 participants in total attended the training program. Mr. Ramesh Kumar Yadav, Chief Conservation Officer at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reseve delivered a presentation on “Current biodiversity conservation actions by Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation and current conservation challenges. Mr. Khadananda Paudel. Program Development Manager at BCN gave a talk on Status of Nepal’s Birds and major threats to birds. Similarly, Mr. Mohan Bikram Shrestha, Research Officer at BCN presented a technical presentation on identification, research techniques and conservation value of Birds. Bird identification techniques were practiced inside the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve on the second day of the training program. Participants in the training program discussed about setting up a monthly birding program at the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve and regularly recording bird sightings.