28th BCN Day Celebration 2010
28th BCN Day Celebration 2010
24 Apr 2010

A total of 46 participants joined the event. President of BCN, Mr. Shree Ram Subedi delivered welcome speech and highlighted on the journey of BCN till date since its establishment and importance of celebrating BCN Day. Joint Secretary of BCN, Mr. Vimal Thapa gave short briefing about the birds and habitat of phulchoki forest. Chief executive officer of BCN, Dr. Hum Gurung, focused on the future plans along with the progress activities of BCN.

Soon after the speech, the participants dispersed inside forest creating four groups each accompanied by the team leaders Mr. Yub Raj Basnet, Mr. Jyotendra Jyu Thakuri, Mr. Hathan Chaudhary and Mr. Vimal Thapa for bird-watching. The event started at 8:00 am and lasted till 11:30 am. Twenty four bird species were recorded by the groups in total.

Finally, president briefed about the status of birds in Nepal and climate change impacts on them to the journalists. Mr. Gautam Sapkota, 'Chari-dada' also added flavor to the programme by his bird mimicry skill.