The first technical committee meeting was held under the coordination of Dr. Anuja Raj Sharma, Department of Forest, DDG,CFD to discuss about  the Darwin initiative project entitled “ Mainstreaming Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services into Community Forestry in Nepal” on 9/ 9/ 2016 at Babarmahal, Kathmandu. The meeting was completed adroitly and circumspectly among the following participants:

Dr. Anuja Raj Sharma, Department of Forest, DDG, CFD

Mr. Prakash Lamsal, Department of Forest, Under Secretory

Mr. Thakur Bhandari, FECOFUN

Ms. Nabin Upadhyaya, CFTEC, Under Secretory

Mr. Bishnu Paudel

Sudil Gopal Acharya, BCN

Mr. Parbat Raj Thani, BCN


Agendas of the meeting

  • Finalization of TOR of Technical Committee
  • Sharing  the progress of Biodiversity Supplement  
  • Discourse about Initiation of Training related issues   
  • Sharing the Progress  of OP amendment related activities


After presentation about  progress of project, given by Mr. Sudil Gopal Acharya, BCN, in-depth   discussion was carried out among the all participants to reach on the appropriate conclusion and following decisions were established.


  1. Members of the technical committee finalized the ToR.
  2. The meeting decided to give insights after the study of submitted biodiversity supplement,  and in addition to this, recommended to prepare  its Nepali version too.
  3. Committee decided to confirm next technical committee meeting after the preparation of  training framework within the one month,  Central Forest Training and Extension Center  support in this related Subject matters.