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Wild Bird Trade Control and Sensitization

Project on Wild Bird Trade Control and Sensitization

Nepal is facing a concerning trend of illegal wild bird trade, driven by factors such as food, trade, and entertainment. Indigenous communities in the lowlands are inadvertently participating in this trade, capturing endangered birds such as Yellow-breasted Buntings, parakeets, munias, ducks, geese, lapwings, and egrets. The project funded by LUSH-FRESH HANDMADE COSMETICS aims to implement surveillance and legal measures, empower indigenous communities with knowledge about the consequences of wild bird trade, monitor urban centers, and provide comprehensive training to enforcement agencies and forest officials. The project aims to reduce the demand for birds as entertainment and sustenance, preserving Nepal's rich avian biodiversity across all provinces of Nepal. Through this project, we anticipate that empowered local people and enforcement agencies will take an active role in bird conservation efforts with advanced bird identification skills to combat illegal bird trade, fortifying their crucial role in preserving Nepal's diverse avifauna. Together, these anticipated outcomes will form a comprehensive strategy to combat the illegal wild bird trade, ensuring the continued flourishing of Nepal's unique avian biodiversity.